The educational scientist worked for 32 years at the University of Kiel. He became famous through his main article in the Encyclopaedia of Educational Science and a large contribution in the school and instruction manual. Prof. Dr. Bijan Amini (born 1943) is the author of ten monographs and numerous scientific contributions in pedagogical specialist books.

The main activity of Prof. Amini is crisis education, a new field of research, which he founded in 1992. Crisis education is the theory and practice of crisis management and since 2001 has been anchored in education science.

Bijan Amini was a guest professor in the USA and co-founder of the Change Management degree course at the Vaduz University of Applied Sciences (Liechtenstein). From 1997 to 1999 he was president of the German Society of Logotherapy and Examinations. He is co-founder and acting vice-president of the European Society for Crisis Education.


Daniel Shoukier is a worldwide-recognized regulatory expert for medical devices and a book author of several publications. He is the Managing Director of the Bellingswood Group, a consulting company for global market access and registration of medical devices and drug combination products. He is also a lead auditor and medical expert for a Swiss notified body. As a lecturer for professional academies he provides his student a deep understanding into the complex world of medical device regulation.

In the past, Daniel was the Vice President at Novo Nordisk, heading up Regulatory Affairs for medical devices. Before this he was the Global Director for regulatory affairs at Biosensors and Olympus Medical. He also worked in the past as a lead auditor at TÜV Rheinland.

Amaris Wenceslas Autorin von »Chariots of Orion, The Request, Part I


25-year old Amaris Wenceslas has created a whole new universe with her Orion story, inventing not only a breathtaking story on a fascinating planet, but also extraterrestrial languages and writings for her Orion story—a story that will make you think about our world, too. Wenceslas even discussed with scientists to make sure that her stunning alien world is realistic.

Wenceslas started writing when she was 9 years old. Her fervour for writing and space inspired her to the Chariots of Orion. She is producer and singer of the musical project Geiko.

Wenceslas studies Finance Management and Business Law.


Adrian Hürzeler, a coach & trainer in mindfullness, works in his own practice for personality and leadership development in Reinach, Aargau (Switzerland). His focus is on short-term individual coaching and crisis intervention, as well as on personality development. The focus of his work lies in the mindfulness, and resource-oriented and emotional relationship management. In his first book "Wie das Krokodil zum Fliegen kam – 120 Geschichten, die das Leben verändern" you find 30 stories for coaching and therapy written by him. (